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Morocco Kebab: subtle flavors and an intellectual twist

A Moroccan restaurant has popped up in the “Zona Minerva” on Lopez Cotilla just west of Avenida Union in Guadalajara. 

Tucked in among Italian, Indian, fusion and, of course, Mexican eateries, Morocco Kebab, although small, stands out with its lively interior — quiet Arabic music, photos and paintings of Moroccan culture and colorful, goatskin lamps and mosaic tables designed by owner Fouad Lakhdar.

But the interior is not all that Lakhdar designed. There is also the menu, which is, again, small but carefully crafted. As its name implies, the restaurant focuses on kebabs, a Greek-gyros-like preparation of spiced meat roasted on a skewer and served on pita, accompanied by french fries and lettuce. There are several varieties of kebabs, priced around 70 pesos, and all are served with four of Lakhdar’s excellent sauces (yogurt, cucumber, cilantro and hot chile). 

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