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Five more easy exercises to protect you from ‘Laptop Revenge’

In 2012, a casual conversation with yoga master Paul King alerted me to the fact that vast numbers of people—myself included—are inviting dire consequences in the future by spending years working at a laptop with poor posture.

King told me that the typical laptop user’s position, hunched over the keyboard, is damaging for the back, neck and lumbar, but he then showed me four short and simple exercises I could do during the course of the day while seated on my chair or standing behind it, to counteract the harmful effects of this bad posture upon my spine. These exercises, which take only a minute and a half to do, were described in an article in this newspaper and can easily be seen by googling “How to enjoy your laptop and stay healthy”.

More recently I mentioned to King that I had been feeling either a pain or “pins and needles” in my left shoulder, at the base of my neck. This had persisted for some weeks and neither rest nor alternative treatments (homeopathy and acupuncture) seemed to help. As I operate my mouse with my left hand, he suggested the problem might be associated with the same nerve that causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I hunted around on the internet and found a surprising number of reports by very unhappy people who had had CTS surgery only to end up a few years later with the same sort of shoulder-neck pain I was experiencing.

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