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The bonsais of Metro Park: Korean expert offers classes

Guadalajara’s Parque Metropolitano is hidden away on the western side of town, wedged between sleepy Ciudad Granja and bustling Plaza Galerías.

I wandered into the park one day because I heard they had an interesting Interpretive Trail there. Upon arrival, I walked up to a signboard displaying a map of the park, but the trail we were looking for was mentioned nowhere. I turned to my wife, Susy: “No te preocupes, mi corazón,” I said. “It’s here somewhere. We just have to start asking everyone we see — as you know, it’s the Mexican way.”

Sure enough, we soon found someone who had heard about the trail. “Sorry, amigos,” he said, “you’re at the wrong end of the park. You have to go way off in that direction where the offices are.”

After a nice long walk, we came to a high cyclone fence stretching off both ways into the far distance. It was topped with barbed wire. Susy was ready to give up the quest, but I began to walk along the fence until I saw some people inside. “Excuse me,” I shouted. “I can’t tell whether I’ve come to a federal prison or the park’s offices…well, actually I’m looking for El Sendero Interpretativo.”

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