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Secrets of a horse whisperer at Hacienda de Taos

If you like horses, you’ll love Hacienda de Taos, a 110-acre ranch located just 12 kilometers south of Lake Chapala along the way to Concepción de Buenos Aires.

Here you can spend the night in a charming and beautifully decorated wooden cabin and learn everything there is to know about horses and horseback riding from the ranch’s owner and operator, Celina Reynolds.

Celina hails from Taos, New Mexico and has spent her entire life working with horses, training them and investigating their psychology.

Upon our arrival, Celina invited us into her huge ranch house, which somehow manages to have both a New-Mexico and old-Mexico look at the same time. “Yoga groups come to do workshops in my house,” she told us and we could feel the good vibrations still lingering around us. We learned that Celina raises both horses and cows on the ranch and hopes eventually to be a producer of organic beef, “but it will take seven years of treating both the land and the animals right, before I can claim my beef is really organic,” she told us.

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