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U.S. State Department issues fresh travel warning for Mexico

In what is fast becoming a New Year tradition, the U.S. State Department has reissued a state-by-state travel advisory for Mexico, elaborating on its advice on visiting certain parts of Jalisco, Nayarit and Colima.


Damp, shivery weather strikes holiday season

December went out with a dreary streak of wicked winter weather marked by a straight week of sunshine-robbing cloudy skies and intermittent rain and drizzle.


Photographers upload Mexico images to Wiki Loves Monuments

More than 15,000 photographers around the world participated in the 2012 edition of Wiki Loves Monuments.   They uploaded over 350,000 freely-licensed images of historic buildings, monuments and cultural heritage sites in 35 countries to Wikimedia Commons.


New year, new opportunity to change view on Jalisco tourism

When it comes to attracting tourism, the state of Jalisco, and indeed all of Mexico, has a perception problem.


Violence toward women comes out in the open

If the people who organized Sunday’s ceremony marking International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women needed a reminder of the tricky road ahead, they only had to glance at newspaper headlines on Monday morning.


State will continue to block same-sex marriage

Jalisco has not opened the door to same-sex marriage even though two women became the first gay couple to wed in the state last month, the director of Guadalajara’s Civil Registry said this week.


Bodies pile up in La Barca

The number of bodies unearthed in a mass grave near La Barca, Jalisco has risen to 58, the federal Attorney General’s Office said Wednesday. None of the bodies have yet been identified.


Same-sex unions permitted in Jalisco Jan. 1

As of January 1, same-sex couples in Jalisco may enter into civil unions – contracts that enhance their inheritance rights and eligibility for social security benefits.


Climate turns nasty: Tapatios feel cold snap

Temperatures plummeted in Jalisco and across much of Mexico this week as an arctic air mass strangled the northern and central regions of the country.


Mexico Fiestas Calendar 2014

As you hang up your spanking new 2014 calendar and begin inking in birthdays and other special occasions to be remembered, you may also want to make note of the Mexican civic holidays, traditional festivities and special events that will come up over the next 12 months.


Michoacan’s self-defense groups extend their reach

Michoacan is one of Mexico’s most beautiful states but increasing lawlessness is making certain regions risky to visit.


News in brief

Energy reforms signed into law

Mexican President Enrique Pena signed far-reaching energy reforms into law at a ceremony held at the National Palace on Friday, December 20.  The new laws allow private companies to explore and drill for Mexico’s oil, ending state-owned oil monopoly Pemex’s 75-year grip on the sector.


Gates buys Nayarit hotel

Mutli-millionaire Bill Gates’ private investment company, Cascade, has purchased the Four Seasons Resort in Punta Mita, Nayarit for 200 million dollars, according to public documents. The high-end resort hotel was built in 1990 and is a popular holiday destination for U.S. celebrities.


Man killed with rosary beads

Forensic scientists believe an unidentified man found dead on a sidewalk in Guadalajara’s Colonia San Jacinto just before the holidays was strangled to death with rosary beads.  Investigators came to their decision after examining the marks on the neck of the deceased and nylon thread found on his shirt.


Octogenarian rescued from Colima Nevado

Jalisco Civil Protection personnel rescued an 80-year-old Swiss man after he became lost on the Nevado de Colima last week.  He was treated for hyperthermia and dehydration and airlifted to a hospital in Guadalajara.  Due to mild temperatures, only a few snowfalls have been reported this winter at the 4,260-meter Nevado de Colima, an extinct volcano on the border of Jalisco and Colima.


Internet on Aeromexico flights

Aeromexico will offer Internet service on at least 75 of its airplanes as of the second half of 2014.The company’s director general, Andrés Conesa, said he was proud to be the first Latin American carrier to provide this service.




Shopping splurge as ‘Buen Fin’ packs out commercial malls

Some analysts are convinced that Mexico is still in the grip of economic malaise but that didn’t concern thousands of Tapatios who took full advantage of discounts and offers in last weekend’s “El Buen Fin,” this country’s answer to “Black Friday.”


Lesbian couple are first to tie the knot in Jalisco

Even though under state law same-sex marriage is illegal in Jalisco, a lesbian couple tied the knot last Saturday at a Guadalajara registry office.


Hands-free devices banned as ‘Mobility’ law takes effect

Jalisco’s new Mobility Law that became operative this week details a series of infringements that drivers commonly ignore and that are frequently overlooked by traffic cops.  


Ground-breaking marriage ceremony set for Saturday

Many eyes will be focused on a registry office in Guadalajara on Saturday as two women try to become the first same-sex couple to marry in the state of Jalisco.


Revolution Day holiday

Monday, November 18 is a national holiday commemorating the Mexican Revolution. Government offices and banks close for the occasion, reopening for normal business hours on the following day. As mandated under federal labor laws, full- and part-time domestic workers and other salaried employees are entitled to a day off with full pay.


Kidnappings on the rise

Kidnappings have tripled in Jalisco in the past four years, according to the Fiscalía General (State Attorney General’s Office).


Traffic patrols to be fitted with cameras

Jalisco’s traffic cops will be monitored with cameras and microphones as they interact with the public in a bid to reduce corruption.


Life in La Barca ‘normal’ despite mass grave find, mayor says

Federal authorities have wound up their search for bodies in a mass grave near La Barca, Jalisco.  Investigators believe the 67 corpses were dumped in the remote wooded area by the Caballeros Templarios cartel, which operates out of Michoacan.


Dengue cases surge

Jalisco health authorities have noted a sudden spike on the number of cases of mosquito-transmitted dengue in the past week, with 196 classic and 84 hemorrhagic cases registered.


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