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LLT brings glamor of Hollywood to Lakeside

Written and directed by Barbara Clippinger, Lakeside Little Theatre’s current production, “Hooray for Hollywood” is more than just another review. It has a storyline and a very interesting one at that. Clippinger’s plot cleverly focuses on the large number of popular and well-known songs that were never even nominated for an Academy Award.

Aspiring screenwriter Billie Baxter (Kat Tetraut) meets old friend, Viteo Correlli, (Chet Beeswanger) who works for Hollywood Studio mogul, Mr. Goldman (Peter Luciano). Desperate to pitch her movie script, “Hooray for Hollywood,” she begs him for an introduction. Covering the “Golden Age of Hollywood” between 1926-1965, her script features many all-time favorites that achieved no official recognition and it’s a surprising collection.

Goldman gives her six months to pull the project together for his decision, lending her an experienced assistant in the form of Danny (Graham Miller).

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