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Contrasting insight on ‘El Chapo’ capture

The arrest of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has been scrutinized in depth by opinion writers both north and south of the border.  Here’s a selection of their musings.

With the fall of El Chapo, the Peña Nieto government sends the message that there are no untouchables. This is no longer in doubt. If (El Chapo) can fall, anyone can.

Mario Campos,


El Chapo wasn’t hiding in a hole in the mountains, nor in a foreign country.  He was in a condominium on the Mazatlan malecon and a few days earlier in a luxury zone of Culiacan. If the local politicians and police didn’t know this, they are good for nothings.  And if they did know, they are good for nothings.

Carlos Puig


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