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Magi magic draws throngs to Cajititlan

More than 40,000 pilgrims swarmed the town of Cajiititlan on Tuesday, January 7 for the main day of festivities honoring patron saints Baltazar, Melchor and Gaspar, better known collectively as Los Reyes Magos.

Folks came from far and wide to catch a bit of mystical magic as the three life-size statues of the Magi were paraded through the village streets, preceded by troupe after troupe of magnificently costumed ritual dancers.  Along the way, long lines of faithful believers stooped down on hands and knees while the figures were hoisted above their heads to bestow blessings of good health and good fortune.

Arriving at the edge of Lake Cajititlan, the regally outfitted Three Kings were lifted aboard a trio of tourist launches for a short nautical spin, accompanied by three vessels occupied by musical bands, four boats filled with news reporters and many more loaded with local officials and devotees.  Back on land, the cavalcade marched back to old stone parish for a celebration of the Mass.

Throngs of pilgrims will continue visiting Cajititlan every Sundays through the end of the month. The town is recognized as home to one of Mexico’s most ancient and colorful Epiphany celebrations.

















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