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Receive a Subscrition...

If you are a subscriber to the print edition of The Guadalajara Reporter you are automatically qualified to register for a free on-line subscription. Please send us your name and when you last renewed your mail subscription using our contact forum.  We’ll activate you registration within a 1-2 working days.
If you are not subscribed to either the digital or print edition of The Guadalajara Reporter please read below about How to Subscribe to the Paper.

Locate your Password

If you are a subscriber to the Guadalajara Reporter (either the print or digital editions) and have registered at you can easily retrieve your username and password on our site.  Please visit the Password Recovery page and simply click on "LOST YOUR USERNAME" or "LOST YOUR PASSWORD" and follow the instructions provided.

Change your Password or E-Mail Address

First, you need to login to your account. After this please click on the “Modify profile / info” button.  Now click the “Edit >> Update your profile” button and click "Contact Info" to change ALL your profile information( including your email addres and password.) Note: You will need to type your password twice to verify that you have typed it in correctly.

Subscribe to the Paper

The Guadalajara Reporter offers a free 1-day subscription to all newly registered users.  Registration is available here.  We also offer the following paid subscriptions, which all include complete access to our online stories including archives since 1999.

  • 1-year Online Only - $30.00
  • 1-year US or Canada Mail - $120.00
  • 6-month US or Canada Mail - $70.00
  • 3-month US or Canada Mail - $45.00
  • 1-year Mexican Mail - $85.00
  • 6-month Mexican Mail - $45.00
  • 1-year Guadalajara Delivery - $75.00
  • 6-month Guadalajara Delivery - $40.00

*All prices are in US Dollars.

Send a Letter to the Editor

Click here for our “Letters to the Editor” contact page.  Web-based letters are submitted directly to the Editor and will be considered for publication in the print and digital editions of The Guadalajara Reporter using the same criteria a traditionally mailed letter would be.

Subscribe to RSS Feeds

You can use your favorite RSS Feed Reader to subscribe to the RSS Feed .
This feed includes a summary of all news articles recently published on
Coming Soon: Separate RSS Feeds for the Guadalajara, Lake Chapala and Pacific Coast areas.

Contact Us

Please visit the Contact Us page to view the different departments that can be contacted via web-based E-Mail form or traditional mail.  If you don’t see the or don’t know which department you would like to contact, please use the General Contact page.

Frequently Asked Questions . . .

Is there a fee to use

There is a free 1-day subscription to the entire site available to newly registered users. We offer various paid subscriptions, please click here to view them all.

How can I find past articles from The Guadalajara Reporter? contains the archives of The Guadalajara Reporter since 1999 and you can use the Search page to find any previous articles.  Archival content is only available to subscribers of The Guadalajara Reporter.

What is available on

The archives of The Guadalajara Reporter since 1999 are available on

What is your Privacy Policy?

Our Privacy Policy is available here.

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