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Chula Vista homeowners turns onto positive path

Despite bitter internal disputes that have plagued Chula Vista property holders over the past several years and taken another negative turn in recent months, the January 25 annual assembly of the Chula Vista Homeowners Association proceeded according to the agenda with minimal fireworks and signs of strong solidarity among most of those present.

The overall placid tone that reined throughout the proceedings can be credited to Michael Kavanaugh, nominal president of the Associacion de Colonos Chula Vista Chapala (ACCVC), who presided at the meeting. He managed to maintain a cool and diplomatic demeanor as he faced steady fire from Belva and Enrique Velazquez, standing up as voices for adversaries who question the legality of the assembly, the validity of the board’s standing and diverse actions undertaken by the officers. 

On the other hand, Kavanaugh and resident Jorge Angel Santana made the Velazquez spouses and their allies Paul Raza, Alma Chavez and Richard Feldman the target of serious accusations, charging them with misappropriation of ACCVC funds, a conspiracy to put the subdivision’s water supply and services up for public bid and other shenanigans including an attempt to suspend the assembly through a court order.

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