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New bus stop screen helps keep passengers informed

A prototype electronic screen displaying information on approaching city buses has been installed at a Guadalajara bus stop.

Cities around the world have used this GPS-based technology for some years, but the operators of Guadalajara’s antiquated bus system have been notorious for vigorously fighting any kind of innovation or change. 

The screen is located at the stop beside the “Estampida” (Wild Horses) monument at Avenida Niños Heroes and Lopez Mateos on the 51a, 51b and 51d routes.

The electronic panel shows approaching buses, their arrival times and whether they are equipped for disabled passengers.

If the screen is considered a success, at least 12 more will be installed at bus stops in the next six months, according to Mauricio Gudiño, director of the state Transportation Department (SVT).

In addition to the screen, passengers may consult the website from the smartphones or computers for real-time information about arrival times for buses on the aforementioned route. At press time, however, the site did not appear to be working smoothly.

Although this a significant technological advance for the Guadalajara bus system, many areas are still locked in the dark ages. After years of discussions, no timetable has yet to be set for the introduction of pre-paid card ticketing – simple technology that is now used universally in most western nations.


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