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Beware of tricksters in doctors’ clothing

An Ajijic resident was shot around midday day on Thursday, February 6 in what appears to be an emerging ploy to commit robbery against unwary lakeside householders.

Alejandro Chavez was busy doing garden work at his home on Privada Independencia when his wife answered a knock at the front door. She found herself face to face with a respectable looking male-female couple in medical garb who introduced themselves as public health officials making the rounds to apply inoculations against influenza. 

Cases of thieves posing as health officials knocking on doors as a pretext for getting inside to incapacitate the residents with knock-out substances and then steal their valuables have become increasingly common in the Guadalajara metro area. But in light of rampant rumors that Jalisco is getting hit by a flu epidemic and supplies of vaccines are growing scarce, the Chavez family was easily hoodwinked by the pair of imposters.

In a brief moment of distraction, Chavez felt the male crook suddenly grab him from behind and force him indoors. As he resisted the attack, the assailant pulled out a pistol and shot him in the leg.   Witnesses told police that the faux physicians beat a quick retreat, escaping the scene in an orange truck.

Cruz Roja paramedics were promptly dispatched to take Chavez in for emergency medical treatment. Word is that he did not suffer life-threatening injury, and is now on the mend.


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