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Digging deep inside Mexico’s tourism sector

Some 20,000 archaeological sites have been discovered in Mexico but only 200 are open to the public. Of these, a mere 20 attract 90 percent of all foreign and domestic visitors.

These facts and other lesser-known tourism-related data are revealed in a new book, “Mitos y Realidades del Turismo en México” (Myths and Realities of Tourism in Mexico) by Francisco Madrid Flores of the Universidad Anáhuac. Launched this week at the International Book Fair (FIL), the tome delves into the country’s tourism sector and lays bare some of the factors that hinder its development. For example, only 233 of Mexico’s 2,000-plus municipalities actively promote tourism, Madrid notes.  A firm believer in Mexico’s tourism potential, he stresses that only by taking a critical approach to the subject will governments be able develop effective strategies to attract more visitors.  Simply having attractions of natural beauty is not enough given the intense global competition to woo tourists.



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