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Mexico’s urban bicycle groups ask President to make clean air a priority

Dozens of urban bicycle groups under the banner of the National Urban Cycle Network (BICERED) are pushing the federal government to reduce air pollution nation-wide.

The group says that the continued poor quality of air in Mexico’s cities caused 20,000 deaths, 57,000 hospital visits for respiratory problems, 3.3 million doctor’s visits and 1.6 billion pesos of lost economic activity in 2013 alone.

The Federal Commision for Protection agains Health Risks has produced new regulations lowering ozone and suspended particle emission, but federal authorities have yet to publish them in order that they might be enforced.

The group has sent a letter to various federal officials including the president asking them to take responsibility for air quality. Presently Mexico’s norm for suspended particles is 140 percent over the limit recommended by the World Health Organization.

The Nations System of Health Information reports that respiratory diseases are the third cause of death in children under 4 years old.

Vehicular traffic is responsible for the majority of Mexico’s poor air quality, making it the third most polluted country in the Americas.


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