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Mexican Lifestyles

Tour historic San Juan Cosala

Best known today for its waterfront seafood restaurants and thermal water spas, San Juan Cosala was a burgeoning native settlement called Cuzatlan when Spanish conquistadores arrived in the Lake Chapala region around 1524.


Skiing in Mexico: whatever next!

Most Mexicans with handsome incomes head to Whistler or Vail for their winter skiing experiences.  But those without such financial resources, or those simply wanting to learn the ropes of skiing,  can now take to the slopes in their homeland.


Morocco Kebab: subtle flavors and an intellectual twist

A Moroccan restaurant has popped up in the “Zona Minerva” on Lopez Cotilla just west of Avenida Union in Guadalajara. 


San Sebastian de Oeste chosen to be ‘magic’ tourist town

The picturesque town of San Sebastian de Oeste is set to become Jalisco’s fourth Pueblo Magico (Magic Town), joining the ranks of Mazamitla, Tapalpa and Tequila.


Cochon: imaginative cuisine in unpretentious yet stylish ambience

When someone mentions French food, we tend to think of a fancy place with a sophisticated atmosphere that requires gentlemen to wear a jacket and, of course, has high-prices. None of these clichés are true when it comes to Cochon, a nice joint with a specialty that comes full of possibilities: the Planchette (more on this later.)


All aboard President Calderon’s Royal Tour of Mexico

The identity of U.S. television's latest tour guide might surprise you.


Christmas dinners in Mexico offer rich variety of turkey alternatives

As in other Christian countries around the world, the celebration of Christmas in Mexico is an amalgamation of religious, family and social customs, enjoyed with greater gusto when accompanied by traditional foods.


The art of traditional French cuisine – a la económica

In Guadalajara, a city fairly well endowed with authentic French restaurants, what can the new Frenchman on the block offer patrons — both the legions who flock to myriad establishments at midday to gobble down traditional comida corrida (a complete, fast dinner) for around 50 pesos and the few who patronize the city’s handful of French, haute cuisine establishments?


Delicious holiday fare December 24 & 25

Holiday blues got you down or are you just too pooped to cook? A veritable host of restaurants are offering sumptuous meals on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year.



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